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Starting with an abusive foster care upbringing to millionaire status by age 20, I know about journeys, but before you break out the pity parade, don’t waste that on me – I’m a positive person with an “ICan” attitude and full belief that life was done for me, not to me.

Maybe what I have felt pain in, can help you avoid it?

To put that in perspective, I have lived with seven different families by the age of 16. And been extremely tortured and abused in a foster care facility. Building a business from scratch after having to drop out of school and to live alone is an almost impossible task. I did it. Today I am regarded as a top marketing consultant who specializes in mergers and acquisitions of companies.

My ultimate goal is not to make money. I want to rake in enough funds, leverage and influence to ensure that children and young children do not suffer in the foster care system the way I did.

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Help free & rehabilitate kids that have sex trafficked or sexually abused.


  • ForbesForbes 30 under 30 
  • africaSpend 1-2 months every year
    volunteering in Africa  
  • peopleBe ranked for “best places to work” & provide my employees with an awesome culture & awesome pay  
  • movementCreate a movement not just a one time fundraising campaign  
  • coinsBillionaire by 30? 

time to


I believe there’s a reason for everything, and if I made it through this hell, while many others didn’t, it must be because I need to do something about it.

The images of these kids being tortured and slaughtered, the images of all this blood and pain, haunt me everyday. I know most people struggle to believe this, and I don’t blame them. If I hadn’t experienced all this myself, I would also be hesitant to believe that something this horrific is still happening today, all over the world.

I believe that all the pain and horror I witnessed has given me a unique perspective and skillset to be able to help adults and children who are still being affected by these horrible acts. It’s also coincidentally, probably why I’ve been so successful even at such a young age. Most don’t live through an experience like I have, and now my mission is to prevent it from happening to as many future kids as possible.

I’ve thought a lot about the future and what I want. I love the life I have now and I enjoy my own success. But my motto for years has been, “make more, so you can give more.” And now, it’s my time to give back.

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